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This is motion graphics that tell a story. Build a brand. Say something. Sell something. Move you to do something.

This is creative done the right way, not the easy way. Modern and clean over trendy. Intentional and relevant over flashy. Layered and customized over templated stock.

This is building from scratch, outsourcing nothing, and thinking of everything. This is collaborative. This is honest. This is thoughtful.
This is Bold Creative.

This is our Process

Motion graphics bring ideas to life. It’s our job to bring great ideas to the table, from start to finish.

Motion graphics is what we do. It’s all we do, and we do all of it. From the first sketches of an idea to the final renderings, we’ll be as diligent as we are inspired, and you’ll always be involved.
We make it our job to stay on top of the latest techniques and styles, but more importantly, we take pride in creating something new and original every single time. Motion graphics bring ideas to life. We make it our job to bring great ideas to the table.

Content is king, and the best design follows its lead. We start with the message and then mold the look.

Virtually any design style is at your fingertips, but it’s not just about following a trend or picking a look. It’s about creating a feeling and most importantly, communicating a message.
The design process at Bold starts with learning about your end goal. We help you find the best way to get there, even if it’s not what you originally had in mind.

Your illustrations are made for you, not for the masses. They’re built, never bought.

People. Planets. Cars. Computers. Creatures familiar and non-existent. We create them all, and all from scratch. Bold illustrations, characters and designs are always custom, never stock.
The illustration process features plenty of checkpoints for collaboration, including full storyboards and animatics, so that everyone’s happy at every step.

Sound design should never be an after thought. We make sound a character all its own.

After all the design, character-building and animating, what truly brings motion graphics to life is good sound design. And you don’t have to go outside of Bold to get it.
We cast and produce voiceover, research and select music and sound effects, and mix and finish the full experience. And because we’re there the whole way, we can account for sound ideas in the design and illustration, and vice versa.

This is the source.

When you work with Bold, you work directly with the people who do the work. No middle. No layers. No hassle. Because when we hear it with our own ears, what we make with our hands becomes that much more meaningful.

We’re quick, we’re nimble, and we’re listening.

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This is our work

Talking about creativity is certainly not the best way to show it. So, we’ll let our latest work speak for itself..

This is only the beginning

Have questions? Need a quote? Want to get in the same room and talk about what Bold can do for you? Let’s do it.

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